Finding the right blog topic for your client is more important than you think.

Why? WordPress users alone produce roughly 77 million new posts per day. Every hour, content is getting published at a rapid rate and if your clients want theirs to be seen, the content they create needs to be both compelling and relevant. It’s critical that your clients are publishing blogs that attract the right audience and are significant in a world where content is constantly competing for both users’ attention and prime real estate in their newsfeeds. This starts with choosing the right blog topic.

Relevance is king – especially to Google. Providing high-quality, relevant information that answers users questions will enable the client to improve in organic rankings, post traffic and views, and the total number of organic ranking keywords for their website.

The more compelling and relevant a topic is, the more of an impact it has on a client’s bottom line. As marketers, that’s the ultimate goal we’re trying to achieve for our clients.

Below are five ways that can help you find the right blog topics for your client.


1) Google Search Console – Queries

The clearest way to know what users are searching for is to review the queries that the client’s website appears for in Google Search Console. You can review other stats (impressions, clicks, average position, etc.) that will help guide you to topics that can easily be answered and shared in a blog post.

For example, if 400 people searched for “where to go for dinner” and your client only got two clicks and another 150 people want to know “the best healthy restaurant in Raleigh” and your client got 5 clicks, you should consider creating a “Top 5 Raleigh Restaurants for a Healthy Dinner Tonight” blog post.


2) Answer the Public

Don’t have access to a client’s Search Console, but want to know what questions people are asking about regarding a specific topic? Try: Answer the Public. Typing a topic into this tool scrapes all of Google’s autocomplete and “people also ask” data, returning it into relevant, timely, and REAL searches that people are making. While it’s not tied to search volume, it’s a quick way to jumpstart your blog topic brainstorm.


3) Buzzsumo 

This free tool has you enter a search by topic. It then shows you the most recent and most popular pieces of content related to the topic, along with stats on how well it was received, how often it was shared on social media, and more. If you’re looking for a viral idea, check out Buzzsumo for examples… and then go make your client’s content better.


4) Trending topics on Facebook

Is there anything in the news that is applicable to your client? Do they have a unique perspective or opinion that can be shared in a blog post? If the client is agile and can turn around content quickly, trending topics on Facebook are a never ending source of blog topic ideas that allow your clients to tap into increased search volume. This helps clients ride the wave of what people are already talking about on social media and in the news.


5) Tune into the community & industry forums

Go to your client’s industry’s biggest news aggregate or forum. Is there one topic that everyone is struggling with that they know how to solve? Is there an evergreen strategy, topic, or process that should be clearly outlined for beginners? Take advantage of client expertise and position them as leaders with well formatted “101” information for the masses.

Remember – choosing the right blog topic for your client isn’t a menial task, but rather a strategy to better their overall content marketing.


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