AR/VR Production Facility

WRAL-TV and Capitol Broadcasting Company have long been innovators in media, communications and technology. From being the first HDTV broadcaster in the US to being a leader in 4K video transmission and ATSC 3.0 capabilities. Our newest frontier: augmented and virtual reality production. WRAL recently made a major capital investment to create an AR/VR studio equipped with full-scale green screen, dual real-time tracking robotic cameras, Ross XPression integration plus access to our artists, engineers, and crew, we are a full-service provider of virtual production solutions. This studio is the only one of its kind in North Carolina. 


The Studio In Action

WRAL-TV, debuted the studio capabilities during broadcasts of “The Olympic Zone,” a half-hour program airing most nights during the Winter Olympics. Read more on this project on CBC’s corporate website.

We also built a beautiful set with complex functionality for the 2018 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.These are just a few sample projects. Your imagination is the only limitation to what we can do together. Bring us your idea and we’ll help it become a (virtual) reality.

Capabilities & Equipment

  • Ross UX Interface – The UX program allows the director to change elements within the 3D virtual set, adding and subtracting 3D graphics, video, and animations in camera.
  • Ross Ultrachrome HR – This device allows us to chroma key the on air talent into the virtual set. • Ross Acid Cameras with wide angle Fuji Lenses – These cameras have special video outputs that, when used with the Ultrachrome HR, allow us to get cleaner chroma key edges on the talent.
  • Ross Cambot and Furio Camera System – These are the camera robotics that move the cameras around and send their position data to the graphics computers. Presets can be used to activate automated camera moves that are smooth and reproducible.
  • Ross Xpression Studio – These are the graphics computers that create the virtual background and Augmented Reality in the foreground. They get position data from the camera robotics so that they know to move the graphics in 3D space the same amount that the cameras are moving. That gives the illusion that the talent are actually inside the virtual space.
  • CueScript Prompter – We have prompter monitors on both of our cameras, along with an external prompter monitor on the set for reading VOs when not on camera.
  • On-Set Monitoring – We have multiple program monitors strategically placed around the set to allow the talent to see the virtual elements that they are interacting with in camera.
  • Production Switcher and Audio Board in Control Room

Interested? Contact Us Today

Interested in taking a tour of our facility or finding out about our capabilities? Call Chris Overby at (919) 821-8513 or email him at [email protected].


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