Work shouldn’t suck. Work someplace that treats you like the pro you are.


WRAL Digital Solutions is different from your traditional marketing agency. As a subsidiary of Capitol Broadcasting Company we have a few inherent benefits:

  1. We have a stable, legacy driven corporation behind us. That means we don’t worry about keeping the lights on after one bad month.
  2. Our company believes having a work-life balance is important. You won’t have constant 12 hour work days, won’t be asked to work all the time on nights and weekends, and our benefits and privileges are that of a large company with many resources.
  3. Growth opportunities are everywhere at CBC. If you work hard and care about what you do, there is undoubtedly a way for you to contribute to the organization in many different ways and grow your career.

We are always looking for bright people to join our team. Whether you are a project manager, copywriter, developer, sales person or have other marketing skills, we are likely interested in having a conversation.

Current Job Openings

Manager of Client Services and Operations

SEO Specialist

Account Manager

Digital Project Manager

Digital Project Coordinator

We are extremely focused on being innovative, forward thinking and ahead of the curve. If you are interested in working for a company that treats you well and offers a path for advancement, contact us or visit the careers page on Capitol Broadcasting’s website at the link below.

WRAL Digital Solutions