Ever wonder what you could do to reach more customers? Just not seeing many visitors to your website or an increase in online sales? Maybe you aren’t investing in some of the most important digital marketing efforts. Paid advertising is very important for your online presence today and below are the 5 reasons why you should totally be investing in it:

  1. Real Estate On Google

I’m not talking about a home for sale, I’m talking about how much Google property your business is owning on the top search engine’s search results. By investing in Google ads, you are seen above any of the organic search results. During most searches, there are 3-4 Google ad results that come up and you can be one of them (preferably number 1)! Paid google ads also help businesses place at the top of the search results page, even when your organic results positions aren’t very high. One other good thing about Google ads is they usually take up your whole screen on mobile, not even showing you organic results until scrolling down further.

  1. Completely Custom

With Paid Advertising, it’s in your control what the ad text says, what area you are targeting, and who you want to see it. For search ads, you can create your own headlines, description, and even your own vanity URL for the page you are sending users to. For display ads you can decide what message is on your ads and what image you use and then serve them out to users you decide on. You pick the geographic target, you pick the demographic, you pick what keywords they show up for, and you can even pick what time of day your ads are eligible to show. A company like Urgent Specialists in Tucson Arizona (not a huge DMA market) might want to be able to specifically serve their ads to zip codes they pick, instead of relying on Google’s organic geographical cues.)

  1. Reach On The Internet

Paid advertising isn’t just seen on Google, it can be seen all over the internet. You can see paid advertising on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, and even millions of other partner websites that offer ad space. What better way to show your brand to users of many different social media platforms as well as world wide web users…Do I have you hooked on paid advertising yet? Don’t worry, I’m still not done. By advertising on specific sites, Dave’s Appliances in Raleigh can advertise on websites they have no relationship with, which expands their reach greatly. John Hiester Chevy in Raleigh can target different areas of the Triangle online.

  1. Tracking Your Return on Investment

When using other marketing efforts, it can be very complicated to track your return on investment. With digital paid advertising, you can track how much money is spent, how many conversions your ads are generating, how many clicks your ad produced, how many times your ad were seen. Using other analytics tools, you can see how your site traffic has resulted because of the ads and what pages these users are going to after clicking. Oak City Properties is able to track their spend closely while allowing for room for growth on big days. 

  1. An Overall Better Digital Presence

One of the main reasons businesses invest in digital marketing is for lead generation and overall branding. Paid advertising luckily can do both – generate those leads including form submissions and phone calls that bring your business money and also get your brand name and messaging out to a huge number of digital users. You can have ads showing to people who are searching for keywords related to your services, users who are interested in your business industry, or even remarket your ads to people who have already visited your website before. Pet Pantry in Raleigh and Apex has seen gains from using multiple approaches to their paid advertising. 

If this doesn’t make you want to get started on paid advertising online, I don’t know what will. There are so many opportunities for you to show up to potential customers on the web that you shouldn’t waste any of those chances. Here at CBC Digital Elements, we are here to help businesses like yours reach those potential customers and to help make your business a profitable and successful one.

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