It’s officially October, that means it’s time for Walmart and Target to start putting out their holiday decorations. Halloween and Thanksgiving don’t really stand a chance in stores this day and age. Not only are stores already thinking about the holidays, so are consumers. Are you making your list and checking it twice to ensure that your products will be seen by consumers shopping online this holiday season? At WRAL Digital Solutions, we offer our Audience Network display platform to local businesses to ensure that they will be seen all over the Internet and reach their holiday sales goals.

Search and Keyword Retargeting

Users are constantly searching the web for different products and reading content about those products. They could be browsing different stores offering the new Nike Free Runs that they are looking for, or, maybe they are shopping for their baby nephew who is having his first Christmas. Whatever users are searching for/reading about, we can retarget them with your business’s ads. Unlike other display advertising exchanges, we don’t group users into different buckets based on what we ‘think’ they might be interested in. We serve our ads to users who are showing intent towards your products or services and then retarget them for their buying cycle after. Don’t miss the shoppers who are searching the Internet for your offerings… Instead, be present throughout their website browsing flow.

Site Retargeting

This one is simple and every business not utilizing it should be on the naughty list! Site retargeting is showing your ads to users who have visited your site before. We all know that users like to browse different sites and search for the best price in hopes that they will find it half off. It is our job to help businesses re-market their ads to those exact users. Your business’s ads will follow them around on their online holiday shopping journey across hundreds and thousands of websites for up to 30 days. Lure these users back to your site to finally hit the ‘purchase’ button using ads that show your current special, or better yet, show them that one product they were looking for. 

Geofencing and Conversion Zones

We see on the news every year the videos of users waiting in line for 4 hours to get into a store (sometimes even tackling another shopper) just to get that one product that is trending that season. This all goes to say that users are still shopping in stores as well as online. Lucky for you, your business can reach those in-store shoppers digitally. With geofencing, we are able to draw a virtual fence around any competitors’ stores or even specific locations where your target audience might be. Once a user enters this fence, we can serve YOUR ads to them on their mobile devices for 30 days. On top of targeting your competitors, we can set up a conversion zone around your brick and mortar and see how many of those users come in after seeing your ad. Pretty clever, right?

Event Retargeting

Is there an event that your consumers will attend this holiday season? Maybe it’s a holiday shopping spree, a Christmas Open House or maybe you just want to reach those crazy ‘Black Friday’ shoppers. We can draw a virtual fence around each event for only the hours of operation, and then retarget those event attendees. Users are quickly checking off the list of gifts they need to buy, so be there when they need ideas.

Now that you’re officially in the Christmas spirit, start thinking about what digital marketing you are doing to promote your business during this shopping season. Let’s deck the halls, rock around the Christmas tree, take pictures with Santa, and reach your target shoppers. Here at WRAL Digital Solutions, our job is to help local businesses stay off the naughty list by showing targeted display ads, generating online sales, and increasing foot traffic into your brick and mortar store. Now that’s the jingle bell rock I want to hear!


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