Starting this week, the latest version of our WRAL app (version 3.70) appeared in the Apple app store and in Google Play.

Why does this matter?
This represents the launch of the sponsored content native ad unit.

What’s so great about the sponsored content native ad unit?
Native advertisement brings an advertiser’s text and image within the feed of our top WRAL News stories. Clicking on the ad unit opens up to the story page, staying within the app, maintaining a native flow.

How is this an improvement over the traditional mobile ad unit already present in the app?
For consumers: No more jarring experiences for the end user! Instead of being directed to a variety of landing places (app store, advertiser’s website, interactive content, etc.), the consumer instead gets to participate in a familiar flow of activity
For advertisers: A more seamless presentation of your brand alongside high-value local news content

Native advertising isn’t for all ad buyers, however. WRAL adheres to a strict native advertising policy, requiring that native content must be of the same quality and usefulness as editorially produced content. In the interest of full disclosure, these articles live on the WRAL app as content and do not include any mention of the sponsoring client in the body copy – they also don’t mention the client in the headline. These are “news you can use” type articles that need to have some news value be included alongside our WRAL News content. This is a unique opportunity to be integrated with our news content and present valuable information to our local audience. Our experienced WRAL Account Executives would be happy to work with your business or agency to help you craft a story angle of interest that will present value to our shared audience audience.

Here are two great examples to native content consider –

Client: Regional bank
Goal: Generate qualified applicants for home equity loans
Native Content: The do’s and don’ts of home equity: 6 tips

Client: Personal injury attorney
Goal: Retain appropriate referrals for legal representation
Native Content: Injury: When is it smarter to call a lawyer or leave it be

Don’t hesitate to ask questions about this brand new product offering. We can’t wait to talk to you about it!

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