Rich Media

Rich media ads are more visible and engaging than your typical banner ads. Rich Media can include video, social media feeds, multiple links and special animation. WRAL Digital Solutions offers 20 different Rich Media types, ranging in size, animation and functionality. Click on the links below to interact with these live sample ads.

Polite Ad

Polite ads aim to engage the audience by giving them the power of click to play video or click to un-mute video. This 300×600 ad can include video, social media links or feed, image gallery, data capture, and RSS feed.


Pushdown ads start as a 1000×90 banner at the top of the screen and then drop down and expand to reveal more content, whether it’s video or editorial.

Peel Back

A Peel Back ad is a 125×100 and 800×600 ad unit available on our section fronts and story level pages. This ad will run on desktop and tablets. The ad is very attention grabbing due to the animation of the ad when no one is interacting, but it also pairs well next to reader content. This ad can contain video, images, and other content to engage users.


A filmstrip ad is a multi-panel 300×600 ad unit. A user can flip through several frames, so you don’t have to tell your story with just one frame.


A portrait is a 300×1050 ad available on our story-level pages. The ad takes up sufficient space to get the user’s attention, but it also pairs well next to reader content. This ad can contain video, images, social feeds and other content to engage users.

Scratch Off

The Scratch Off ad which can be made in a 300×600 or 300×250 is an ad where a user scratches off top layer of ad to reveal bottom layer – the bottom layer could contain a coupon code, or a special offer. This ad increases user engagement.

Mini Site

A Mini Site is a 300×600 ad that includes click-to-play video and various buttons that link to your company’s social media profiles and/or website.

Interactive Pre-Roll

Interactive Pre-Roll allows for the user to have a higher engagement within a video ad. Interactive Pre-Roll allows for multiple social media buttons, such as, but not limited to Facebook, Twitter and Instragram. It also includes three additional buttons which each link out to their own URL. The background of the ad unit is customizable.


The adhesion banner ad is fixed to the bottom of the page and always remains visible no matter where you’re on the page. The ad automatically adjusts to fit the width of the users screen.


Cinemagraphs are still photographs in which a minor and repeated movement occurs. For maximum results, a 300×600 ad unit will be the most effective. These cinemagraph ads are a great way to capture a viewers attention with minimal interruption.

Image Carousel

This 300×600 or 300×250 ad features a rotating carousel of up to 10 images that will rotate automatically the first time the ad is seen, then the user can scroll through the images themselves.

Dynamic Ad

Dynamic creatives are custom ads that can be customized based off of a users weather conditions or locations. These are great ads for potential advertisers that have many locations and/or who benefit by certain weather events. For example: we can serve a different ad based off of users locations that show the closest area location to them OR we can serve ads based off of temperatures outside.

Animate By Scroll

This ad animates as the reader scrolls, click to see our example of an Animate By Scroll. There can be many different variations of animation for this ad. Animate By Scroll ads can be any size, but the 300×600 or the 300×250 are going to be your most impactful.


Sidekicks start out as a 300×250, but they push content over upon user initiation to expand and reveal more interactive ad content.

Mobile Rich Media

Rich Media ads are extremely eye catching and effective, especially on mobile. We have an array of new options for our mobile website to make a huge impact on a smaller screen, hitting people on the go.


A non-interruptive version of what a page take-over can be. The Wrapper format drives high-impact campaigns for all sections of the conversion funnel. Wrappers include creative at the top and bottom of the pages with colored “railings” for continuity. This format can run on specific sections at a 100% share of voice.


The Pull format is a unique feature for mobile web. We can deliver your brand message across three frames of sequential messages to help you tell a story, engage users, and maximize your impact per pixel.


The Ticker format was developed for sales events, red-letter days, and other time-sensitive messaging. This countdown piques interest and drives action.


The Window format is often compared to parallax web effects since it leverages position-aware technology to simulate an image “behind” the page a user is on.

Hyper-Scroll to Video

Hyper-scroller is a way to engage users with animation that advances as you scroll through the article. We can use your existing content from YouTube, Vine, Tumblr, or other platforms.


The Carousel format is an interactive ad unit that helps your brand showcase a range of offerings to drive engagement. Let users explore your brand and highlight your best-performing products.