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Critter Control

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Critter Control of the Triangle was seeing no traffic increase to their website. Their main challenges:

  • Individual services did not have their own pages
  • Individual animals/type of work did not have their own pages
  • Content/pages were not localized – losing to national websites in search rankings.
  • We noticed in Analytics users were leaving blogs after one view, traffic spikes that made no sense
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We determined the following should be done to help their organic presence:

  • Build rich, unique, useful pages for each service they provide (over 20+)
  • Build rich, unique, with media pages for each animal they work with
  • Link popular blogs to related service pages, link service pages to related materials
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This client has seen tremendous results in their organic traffic increases, rankings, and overall website engagement metrics.

Year over year:

  • 67% increase in unique page views
  • 78% increase in Organic traffic
  • 13% improvement in Exit%
  • Two SEO blog articles with over 1,000 views
  • Dramatic rankings increases for service pages and animals
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