The WRAL New Media team joined forces with Rebuilding Together of the Triangle to help make an impact in our local community.

Rebuilding Together of the Triangle provides critical repairs to the homes of low-income families in Wake, Durham, Orange, and Chatham counties. Their goal is to ensure a safe and healthy home for people. Their services range from making homes handicap accessible to fixing leaky roofs for the elderly, veterans, disabled, and families with children.

Our New Media Team made our way to a neighborhood in Garner, NC where we met Ms. Sharon McCullers, who is disabled and lives alone. The repairs that our team performed greatly improved the security of her home, as well as make her entry and egress options safer and more accessible. They also improved the efficiency of her utilities and keep out pests.

Friday, September 23rd was the day we made a difference in our community and in Ms. McCullers’ life. We arrived at 8:30 a.m. with tools in hand and ready to work. Upon arrival we have a brief safety meeting where we learned about our responsibilities for the day, more about Ms. McCullers situation as well as safety precautions. The team went straight to work on clearing out the back sunroom, which was piled high with years of clutter. We completely emptied out the room, which included two extremely heavy pool tables, a washer, headboards, TVs, tables, and lots of boxes full of memories. As we organized everything on tarps, Ms. McCullers went to work on trying to de-clutter and throw things away.

After the room was completely cleared, we broke into three different teams. One team started cleaning the floor in the rear sunroom to prepare for cement filler (to fill in cracks) and new laminate flooring, the next team was assigned to replacing the front door and the front storm door, the last team was given the task to go through the house to ensure all light fixtures had new bulbs, and any other small tasks that needed done around the house.

We had one little hiccup of the day, where one of the volunteers was changing the kitchen faucet, and as he was doing it the pipe burst and we had a flooded kitchen. Thankfully, we had some fast thinkers and we immediately turned the water off and were able to clean up the mess and replace the kitchen faucet successfully.

All in all, New Media had a very successful volunteer day that really effected the life of another member in our community. It felt good to be able to help someone who needed it so badly, and was so grateful for all that we accomplished. Lastly, something to warm our hearts even more, Ms. McCullers wrote an extremely thoughtful note to Rebuilding Together of the Triangle and our WRAL New Media team.

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