If a mission statement is the agreed upon direction and goals of an organization, collaboration is that mission statement in action. Mission statements can be organization-wide, but they can also be for individual projects. In the digital marketing and advertising space, these missions are best served via collaborative teams.

How many times have we heard that “nothing happens in a vacuum”?

In the cleaning industry, a lot happens in a vacuum. I mean a vacuum sucks up unwanted dirt and germs, and then it the debris just sits there until it’s transported to a hopefully proper place to be deposited. While great for cleaning, it’s not so great for the ever-evolving, improvisational world of marketing and advertising. Sitting in silos across divisions and departments does not create the friction needed to make sparks of creativity that lead to cohesive solutions.

Collaboration is essential because it keeps everyone on the same page. If a team is acting as one body, all the parts need to work together. If one foot goes right and one goes left chances are you won’t get too far. But it’s not just about working in the same direction – you also need to pay attention to parts of the body that may need repair. Perhaps workflow is too heavy in one area, or there are training opportunities in another.  All components need to be optimized and performing at a high level to move the project forward.

Collaborating also allows for experts in one area to share knowledge with experts in other areas.  Technology changes so rapidly.  Our abilities to target and optimize marketing campaigns are ever evolving. For example, imagine how much time would be needed to call yourself an SEO expert, truly. Mavens are crucial to the success of our team. But bringing together the mavens on your team to advise, share and yes, collaborate, will create high-level outcomes for the organization.

Now that I have extolled the virtues of experts, lets break down the idea that comes from this quote from Einstein: “No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it.” Collaboration can allow for fresh eyes, new perspectives, and vantage points. If we are great as one, we are even greater as a combined powerhouse. In organizations where open communication is respected and safe, the benefits of multiple perspectives can play out.

Which brings me to my favorite part of collaboration – ideation.  I think it takes an open-minded environment where everyone can get together and feel comfortable to throw it all out there, play off of each other’s thoughts and create amazing videos, blogs, art, websites, and solutions. Each person on a team offers the richness of their own life and work experience. The cumulative total of all of these experiences is a gold mine for ideas. Through an open improvisational exchange we can achieve greatness because, well, nothing happens in a vacuum.

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