Every business has a story. Let us help you tell yours with video.

Video / Photography

According to CMO.com, 45% of all internet users watch at least one video online. This number will surely only rise as more and more video content is made. Video is one of the most effective mediums for telling your story, and WRAL Digital Solutions, partnered with WRAL TV creative services, can help develop a plan for creating and utilizing your video content. Whether for TV, online pre-roll, or simply an explainer video for your website, we can help.

In addition to full-service video production, we also offer photography services to help you get high quality images to use in a variety of ways. We even offer Google Tour photography services, allowing you to have an interactive 3d tour of your location on your Google+ page.

Company Culture Video:

Our Company Culture video allows you to tell the story of what makes your business special, in a very candid, down-to-earth way. We work closely with you to determine what the focus should be, then we shoot interviews and cover video that tell your story. This video is not scripted. It relies on comments from your employees and happy customers to illustrate what you do and how great you are at doing it.

This type of video usually requires four to five interviews and two full days of shooting. The final video will be 2-3 minutes long.

Narrative Video:

Our Narrative Video tells your story exactly the way you want it to be told. We collaborate with you to write a script that includes all the details potential customers need to know. Once the script is approved, it will be voiced by a professional voice artist. We’ll shoot cover video and create graphics to accompany the script. If you’d like to hire an actor to appear on-camera, we can help you find the right person to represent your brand.

This type of video requires heavy pre-production to get the script just right, plus two days of shooting. The final video will be 2-3 minutes long.

Social Media Video:

These videos are tailor-made for social media. You can watch them with the volume up, or with no sound at all (like most social media users do). They’re formatted to fit seamlessly into specific social media feeds.

Preroll Video:

These videos are made in a multitude of lengths and are designed to be played before other content that a user is about to watch. They can help extend your reach and deliver a message to your audience in a place they are actively engaged.


This is an example of a :30 commercial made entirely of animation. Don’t think of it as all-or-nothing though. We can work with you to animate your logo, (just a few seconds of animation) or your entire message (a whole lot of animation).

TV Commercials:

If a TV schedule is part of your digital plan, we handle production from script-writing through editing.

TV Commercials:

If a TV schedule is part of your digital plan, we handle production from script-writing through editing.

AR/VR Studio Capabilties

Do you have projects requiring augmented or virtual reality production facilities? WRAL and Capitol Broadcasting Company has a state-of-the-art  AR/VR studio complete with advanced robotic cameras, cutting edge equipment and software from Ross Video, plus access to our artists, engineers, and crew.

Other Services

To get started today call or fill out our contact form. Additionally you can learn more about the our individual creative services by clicking a link below.


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