Website Case Study

HCO Innovations

National Forklift Fleet Management Provider

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HCO Innovations had an outdated, non-responsive website and multiple domains being utilized for a variety of reasons. They were not tracking leads from their site, and wanted a fresh and modern looking website.

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WRAL Digital Solutions sat down with the client to explore what was needed in a new site. It was important to be bright and friendly, as well as to be informative and explain their many different offerings in a simple way. It was important to the client to improve their search rankings and user engagement stats, so we focused on making a clean, simple and informative website that had all of their services broken into separate pages.

We also made a point to build other important components such as a Google+ page and social pages, and to work to obtain the client backlinks on other websites.

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Our team was able to design a look that fit the aesthetic the client wanted, and also highlighted some of the important selling points of their business such as a highlight of past successes and positive client testimonials. The client has been extremely pleased with their new site, and has seen a large gain in the number of leads they receive from the web.

HCO Innovations Website Before

HCO Before

HCO Website After

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