Wilmington Case Study

Hanover Center

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Client’s site was built in 2012, had an outdated look and wasn’t mobile responsive. Almost half the traffic coming to the Hanover Center’s site was from a mobile device and the bounce rate reflected that at 54%. The center had a community perception of being a place older people shop, so we suggested changes including a new logo that would have a fresher, younger appeal.

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A new mobile responsive website was created that is very user friendly and features their anchor stores on the home page. In addition, we ran a CBC-AN display campaign to generate more traffic to this new site.

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Before the new site they were averaging approximately 600 unique visitors per month. After the new website launch, they jumped to 950. In April when we ran their display campaign, more than 1,900 new unique visitors visited their website and visited at least two pages.

There has been a seismic shift in marketing over the last many years. Digital arrived and retail giants like Target and Walmart lined up along with Amazon to threaten brick and mortar retailers and compete for the customer dollar. Also on the scene were the various social media platforms claiming that they could increase retail sales.

Missing for me was a way to track, test and quantify my marketing initiatives and a local team of people that were familiar with the new mediums and had the skills and technology to make it happen without going through a third party and costing more money.
I found what I was looking for with Josh Lee and his team at WRAL Digital Solutions. I now could quantify my investment in the various mediums and follow up with the necessary changes to increase my results.

If results you can feel and see are what you are looking for, Josh Lee and his team have proven they can deliver.

Bruce Henderson

Marketing Director, Hanover Center