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Client was having success with radio and television advertising and had tried digital through another media company and didn’t feel positive about the results so he was very reluctant to try it with us. They are a non-traditional type of business and they don’t have a lot of competitors so they were also skeptical of the geo-fencing tactic.

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They needed a better understanding of how digital works and how it could benefit their practice, so we took the time to thoroughly educate them and boost their confidence. We recommended two ad campaigns targeting relief from addiction to smoking, alcohol or drugs and relief from anxiety, depression and stress. Since they don’t have a lot of competition we added some geo-fence locations such as counseling centers and pain management centers.

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The CTR is 0.34% in the first 45 days with 75 View Visits. They’re seeing such outstanding results with new patients that they shifted some of their marketing budget from traditional media to digital and more than doubled their initial investment. They were also happy to see new “likes” and activity on their Facebook page as a passive result.

WRAL Digital Solutions - Solomon Wellness & Hypnosis

“From the moment we began our digital ad campaign we noticed a subtle, yet undeniable increase in overall inquiries that we receive on a daily basis. Of course those inquiries lead to appointments and those appointments turned into new clients.”

“Thank you once again for helping to bring our advertising into the 21st Century! We are now convinced that digital advertising is the way to go for any business seeking to reach their target audience in a smart, effective and timely manner.”

Rebecca Lentz

Proprietor, Dr. Amir Ben-Solomon