Wilmington Case Study

Charlie Graingers

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Charlie Graingers was opening a new location in Cary, NC and were looking for marketing ideas that generate buzz, familiarize the people who live and work nearby to the restaurant and bring in a lot of customers for their grand opening. Although they have a good website, they hadn’t tested digital marketing.

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Because the client had high quality pictures on their digital menu, we recommended creating a carousel ad so that several menu items could rotate through the ad. We also suggested a very narrow geo-fence area concentrating on the large, new apartment complex behind them. In addition to the CBC-AN, we added www.wral.com including impressions concentrated to the Out and About section.

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Overall traffic to their site increased by more than 2,000 unique visitors in just one month! The CTR with www.wral.com was a staggering 0.46% and 76 people who viewed their ad during the month entered their location making the grand opening a huge success.

I am so pleased with the results that I am recommending a similar marketing plan to all new franchisees. The number of people who came in and pulled the coupon up on their phone or mentioned wral.com showed just how powerful the campaign was.

Melissa Spencer

Marketing Director, Charlie Graingers