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As the leading source of news for the Triangle and beyond, it is evident that is trusted to deliver the news. WRAL is a brand folks know they can trust. What might not be as well known is that we have helped thousands of businesses reach their audience and successfully deliver their message with outstanding results. Our highly affluent and engaged audience provides advertisers an ideal way to reach consumers all around the Triangle, Wilmington and beyond.

If you are a business or agency looking to target audiences with display, video, or mobile advertising our dedicated team of experts can help you build a strategy and enact a plan of action. Some of the different opportunities available on include:

  • Branding Opportunities
  • Section Sponsorship
  • Video and Slideshow Sponsorships
  • Page Wraps
  • Rich Media

Ad Specs

Ad TypeSizeSiteSpecs-File SizeFile FormatsNotes
Takeovers (Fixed Ads)300x600, 728x90, 468x60, 320x50Specified Placements<144KBJPEG, GIF, PNG, HTML5
Medium Rectangle Ad300x250Various Placements<144KBJPEG, GIF, PNG, HTML5
Pre-Roll576x324Various Placements<5MBMP4(:15 or :30) :30 are skippable after :10 on desktop and :15 on mobile.
​Pre-Roll Companion Banner300x250Various Placements<144KBJPEG, GIF, PNG, HTML5
In Read, Sports and Health & Life (story levels only)VariesMP4, WMV, VAST, VPAID
In Read, Sports and Health & Life (story levels only)VariesJPEG, GIF, PNG
Video Overlay300x80Videos<144KBJPEG, GIF, PNG, HTML5
Slideshow300x250Entertainment/News/Pets/Sports<144KBJPEG, GIF, PNG, HTML5
​WRAL Tech Wire1000x100, 300x600, 728x90, 468x60, 320x50,<144KBJPEG, GIF, PNG, HTML5
HSOT300x600, 728x90, 468x60, 320x50,<144KBJPEG, GIF, PNG, HTML5
Weather Feed Section Frontsix 300x250's, 320x50, 300x60, 300x600Weather<144KBJPEG, GIF, PNG, HTML5
Weather600x90Weather<144KBJPEG, GIF, PNG, HTML5
Half Page Ad300x600Various Placements<144KBJPEG, GIF, PNG, HTML5
CBCAN Ad Sizes300x600, 300x250, 160x600, 728x90, 468x60, 320x50, 300x50CBCAN<144KBJPEG, GIF, PNG, HTML5
CBCAN: Facebook Ad SizesSide Rail: 254x133
Newsfeed: 1200x628
CBCAN: Facebook<144KBJPEG
e-Mail Blast500x600<65KBVarious
Sponsor Tile160x45​Specified Placement<3KBJPEG, GIF, PNG
Mega Menu180x135​Specified Placement<9KBJPEG, GIF, PNG
Sponsor Band200x25​Specified Placement<2KBJPEG, GIF, PNG
Video/Slideshow Sponsor300x60​Specified Placement: Recommended<7KBJPEG, GIF, PNG
Video/Slideshow Sponsor728x90​Specified Placement: Tablet<24KBJPEG, GIF, PNG
Video/Slideshow Sponsor468x60​Specified Placement: Tablet<10KBJPEG, GIF, PNG
Video/Slideshow Sponsor320x50​Specified Placement: Mobile<6KBJPEG, GIF, PNG
Page Wrap1000x100 and background Tile​Specified Placement<144KBJPEG, GIF, PNGbackground tile - seamless repeating image 300x300 (usually a logo)
Rich Media
Expandable300x250 or 300x600 or 320x50Various Placements<144KBPSD files (editable files)
Sidekick300x250 or 300x600Various Placements<144KBPSD files (editable files)
Pushdown1000x90 (pencil ad unit)
1000x415 (expansion)
478x268 (if there is a video in the ad)
<144KBPSD files (editable files)
Filmstrip300x600Various Placements<144KBPSD files (editable files)
Portrait300x1050Story Level Pages Only<144KBPSD files (editable files)
Polite Ad/Mini Site300x600Various Placements<144KBPSD files (editable files)
Interactive Pre-Roll576x324Various Placements<5MBMP4Background image: 1920x1020, 3 buttons + social links, logo (400x90)
Cinemagraph300x600 or 300x250Various Placements<144KBPSD files (editable files)
Animate By Scroll300x600 or 300x250Various Placements<144KBPSD files (editable files)
Scratch Off300x600 or 300x250Various Placements<144KBPSD files (editable files)
Dynamic Ads300x250 or 300x600Various Placements<144KBPSD files (editable files)
Peel Back200x150 (corner teaser)
800x600 (the peel portion)
Various Placements<144KBPSD files (editable files)Cannot run on the homepage or where there is a page wrap currently live
Adhesion400x50 (Tablet)
700x90 (Tablet)
1200x90 (Desktop)
Various Placements<144KBPSD files (editable files)Only runs on Desktop and Tablet
Image Carousel300x600 or 300x250Various Placements
<144KBPSD files (editable files)up to 10 pictures can rotate through
Mobile Rich Media
(more details on the Rich Media tab)
Ticker720x304Various Placements<50KBJPEG
Carousel80x80Various Placements<25KBJPEG
Window540x608Various Placements<175KBJPEG
Pull3 main images: 540x304Various Placements<50KBJPEG
Hyper-Scroll to VideoVideo :15 or :30Various Placements<3MBMP4
Wrapper1248x374Various Placements<200KBJPEG
Mobile Ads
iPhone/Andorid apps & 1-column view320x50Various Placements<144KBJPEG, GIF, PNG, HTML5
iPad App728x90, 300x250Various Placements<144KBJPEG, GIF, PNG, HTML5
Tablet (2-column view)728x90, 468x60Various Placements<144KBJPEG, GIF, PNG, HTML5
News App300x600, 300x250, 728x90, 468x60, 320x50Various Placements<144KBJPEG, GIF, PNG, HTML5

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